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    When I look at this post..

    I will remember all the things that I've done.
    1. I have never smoked in the past 17 years.
    2. I have dated 3 guys in the past 17 years. (the official ones)
    3. I broke my family's heart once. (by dating a delinquent and screwing up school)
    4. I passed Math for the first time in my secondary school life w/o cheating. (Sec 5)
    5. I first stepped into Sentosa when I was at the age of 16.
    6. I held my first BBQ at the age of 17.
    7. I used to like 3 guys at once. (I was at the stage of puberty)
    8. I hung out with delinquents and nearly got myself a police case.
    9. I nearly retained at Secondary 3.
    10. I fell in love with someone of the same sex once.
    11. I fell in love with someone whom had a girlfriend once. (not knowing he has one)
    12. I used to be a total pushover. (bullying my friends when I had 'power')
    13. I value friendship more than anything else.
    14. Year 2008, I passed my N levels.
    15. Year 2009, I was happy.
    16. Year 2010, it was the first time a guy asked for my number.
    17. I have a weak stomach since the age of 4.
    18. Hospitalized for weeks due to weak stomach and was on drip. (it fucking hurts)
    19. I met the Sec 4 kiddos in Year 2009 (Xiaoting, Kevin, Jinhui, Shuyin and Gary)
    20. Year 2009, I lost my beloved kin.
    21. Year 2004, I lost my beloved kin.

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