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    I love you so so much.

    First week of poly = so so.
    It was actually better than I thought! :D
    I've made amazing friends of girls from another class!

    I've got nothing else to blog other than that.
    I'm trying to make it a habit to blog FrEquEntly

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    The start of another phase of life..

    Poly life has started and I must say that
    every thing is working out fine for me :D
    My classmates aren't really the same as my clique during
    secondary school days but I've given a thought about it.
    No whining, try and fit it. Peace! :D
    Actually, they're really nice & friendly people! Thank God.

    Oh wait wait, I think I've forgotten to mention that
    I'm enrolled into Mobile and Network Services, MNS for short.
    It is a pretty cool course I must say.
    Next time if your internet not working, must come find me k! :D

    Kekeke! However, I am still not used to the system.
    Hope things will get better day by day ah! :D

    MNS OEI!

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    I've been feeling upset lately.
    Maybe not lately,probably for these few months or so..

    I've been constantly thinking about you and
    it is driving me nuts.
    I want to rid you out of my brains but I can't seem to do it.
    Things have turned out to be so awkward between us
    Yet, I still love you so so much.
    I wanna talk to you, I wanna understand you more.
    But every thing seems so impossible now.
    There is this barrier between us,
    I've been trying to break it but I just can't manage to do it...

    I feel so hurt.
    Why am I foolishly waiting for someone that will never return?
    Why must I be there to listen about you, talk about her?
    Even though it kills me but yet I'd still talk to you about her.
    I am crazy.

    I'm not demanding for your love, not demanding you to look at me
    the same way as you did before...
    But I just wanna let you know how I truely feel after all these months.
    I thought I got over it but it seems like I haven't :(

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