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    Never gonna be alone

    School is reopening in just a few days time!
    Are you all prepared to welcome the new year?
    Have all of you made new year resolutions yet?
    I'm sure most of you haven't.

    On the 25th of December, it was Christmas
    as well as my 3rd month anniversary with Alvin!

    This is what he got me,

    Pretty isn't it?
    (don't bother trying to ask me what I got him :X)

    I celebrated Christmas with
    Alvin, Xinyi, Kenneth, Lock, Juan, Iris as well as Xueling.
    Drink, Drank and Kenneth got drunk!

    I'm receiving an award in 2009,
    can't wait for it :)

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    Jealousy, Betrayal

    A post, not meant for anyone else but just Alvin.

    Why do I have to learn to trust?
    When the people that I trust, took advantage of it, betrayed my trust.
    Things that happened to me, did not happen to you.
    Have you ever had a taste of it?
    The feeling of being stabbed in the heart..
    It hurts so badly, seeing your beloved taking advantage of you.
    The feeling of it, ah.. unbearable

    Whatever that happened to me..
    Those past memories are like ghosts, they're haunting me.
    Those scars, they never seems to heal even with time given.

    I admit, I am over-reacting,
    Jealousy, who doesn't feel them?
    Yes, I know I went overboard this time round.
    But, its controlling me..

    I never wanted to have doubts about you.
    I never wanted to make false assumptions.
    But with all these insecurity, this broken trust..

    But yet, again for you,
    I'm willing to do almost anything.
    Your love, I thought it'd never come my way..
    I've been in love, out of love with you.
    Now that I am together with you,
    I ought to cherish the moments together,
    I ought to be strong, and let nothing come in our way..
    No one else matters.
    My heart's locked, and the key is with you.
    My love for you has no boundaries,
    I love you Alvin Wong Jun Xiang,
    I love you more than any words could describe..

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    My lovely room

    No interesting content to blog about.

    I packed my room yesterday with the help of my Baby.
    Ah, my room looks fantastic now.

    Apart from that, I bet some of you must be
    wondering how did I score for my results!
    I meant for each subject,
    English - B4
    Mathematics - C5
    Combined Humanities - B3
    Combined Science - B4
    Chinese - B3
    Art - A2
    Honestly speaking, the results turned out unexpected.
    Because it was moderated(I meant a lot)
    I swore I'd have flunked my Art and Maths!
    So yea, lucky me, lucky people.

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    I am on cloud 9

    I am on cloud 9, and the reason is
    because I got promoted to Secondary 5!
    I scored 8 points.

    And today was the last day I am going to see some of my friends.
    I miss all of them, I really do..

    Some of them will be repeating the year/ITE.
    Some of them will be going up to Secondary 5..

    But wait,
    Do not just give up yet!
    You still have 10 months to study till the next major examination(s).
    Who says just because you score 10 points, it'd be risky for you!
    I must say that it will be even more risky if you do not even try!
    Every thing in Singapore is about Education, Certificates.

    Do not demoralize yourself.
    Even I, who isn't able to study very well is going to put in best efforts.
    I don't see why you people shouldn't do so too.
    If you are able to promote to Sec 5,
    it meant that you still have a chance, a chance of improving.
    Do not waste this chance!

    "I am on cloud 9" was Posted On: Thursday, December 18, 2008 @8:03 PM | 0 lovely comments
    The Nehs..

    This is my 100th post :)

    I miss The Nehs, alot.
    My beloved maple clique..

    Outing with Rachel aka Blue..

    Countdown 2008..

    Sentosa trip..


    All the fun times we had together lasted shortly.
    But the memories will be kept deep inside our heart, right?
    I love you guys!
    You are the best clique!

    Remember how we got together?
    Just a phone call and we all assembled at Xinyi's house
    and that was our first time meeting each other..
    Remembering of that just brings a smile on my face.

    We will always stay over @ Xinyi's house,
    not sleeping only till 6a.m in the morning, till the sun is up
    and only Alvin and Juan would be sleeping like a pig..

    Bloody hell, better make yourself free on that date
    or I'd CHOP YOU UP ALIVE, GET IT? :@

    I love Shuneh, Xineh, Juneh, Vineh, Deneh,
    Lockneh(?), Darneh and Juaneh :)

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    Jolene, oh jolene

    Just some random post.

    I came across this song, Jolene(That's right, its me!)

    He talks about you in his sleep
    There's nothing I can do to keep
    From crying when he calls your name, jolene

    And I can easily understand
    How you could easily take my man
    But you don't know what he means to me, jolene

    Lyrics to the song.

    I must say that it is pretty cool,
    imagine one day I turn into a super sexy slut,
    there will be this poor little girl dedicating this song to me,
    asking me to let go of her boy/husband.

    Unfortunately, that will never happen.
    I will never ever be a third wheel


    It is 16 more days till we get to know our results.
    The anxiety is killing me, bit by bit.
    What will become of me if I flunk my N levels?

    "Jolene, oh jolene" was Posted On: Tuesday, December 2, 2008 @4:57 PM | 0 lovely comments

    That's all I'm asking for...

    "roflmao" was Posted On: Monday, December 1, 2008 @2:32 PM | 0 lovely comments

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