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    Yesterday was really a tiring day!
    Met up with Wanyan and Vivian, went up to Artbox to find them,
    Bought a super duper cute pencil box for only $3.90!
    and also my falsies at FaceShop.

    At about 5pm,
    Junyu, Veronica and Terence came
    Accompanied Junyu to wait for his cousin.
    We headed to Safra next, we wait for nearly an hour for a table.
    Wanyan is so darn funny! Kept on mentioning the "balls, balls"
    Made us laugh like crazy, and also non-stop!
    People from the other table was also looking at us.

    After pool, went to Simei to look for Gekming and friends.
    Slacked at the nearest playground,
    What a crazy night we had. :D

    Went home at 11pm, slacked awhile before going up.
    Saw this super scary malay woman, who is drunk.
    She kept on shouting to the air, even used her slipper to hit a passerby!
    And she went crazy to the extend of takin' other peoples' bamboo.

    PS: I've heard this from someone that
    Ladies require to fart 8 times a day,
    in order to be considered as healthy :O!
    So ladies, do the fartings now to be healthy.

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    Tikopeks should just die/rot!

    Met up with Jingwen.
    We were supposed to go Arab Street but forget it,
    headed to Orchard instead.
    Mood wasn't very good due to the shoes that
    I'm wearing, making my foot hurt like fuck.

    Walked around than went to Chinatown to meet Wanyan :D
    Slacked at Macdonalds and some fucking ahpeks kept on staring.
    Nevermind about the staring, they still gotta whistle.
    _!_, was like cursing and swearing about them
    soon after, they left and still had the cheek to say "bye".
    Oh fuck you uncle :)

    Wanyan finished with her work, came to find us.
    Cabbed down to Tampines Mart to find Veronica, Terence and more.
    Reached home at 1am , and played viwawa next.

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    Bored :(

    It has been raining non-stop, since morning till now
    Sister bought brownies from P.osh!
    It just brightens up my day.
    I love you, sister :D

    & I'm going out with Qin Ai De tomorrow!
    Yeaaah-ness ^^v

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    I loooove K :D

    Today really was a tiring day :(
    Met up with Wanyan at Tampines Mall.
    Accompanied her to buy her "nun shoes",
    Saw Iris, Huiting, Weiwen, TerenceT and the lists goes on.
    then Veronica and Terence came to find us :D
    Initially we wanted to watch movie but all
    the time slots were too late for us to watch so,
    we went to Katong to sing k with Gary instead.

    I had so much fun with them :D
    and I reached home at about nearly 12am,
    was totally surprised that Daddy didn't nag at me.
    and he still could say, "so fast come back ah?"

    I think i'm turning into a bookworm soon :(
    Finished reading my book in 2 days time,
    i swear it wasn't just flipping through :D
    I guess, that is a good thing right?

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    Im a bookworm

    I'm back from Chinese Oral.
    I am so gonna fail my oral !
    I was nervous and I kept on stammering,
    even added some words on my own while reading the passage :(
    i'mmmmmm deadmeat.
    Lets pray to God that Kiong will be really nice and make me pass.

    Anyway, i'm into reading books now!
    shut up! i know its shocking to see me, the lazy bitch to read books
    but aiyea every human-being does change right :D
    Anways, the book i'm reading now is

    Where Rainbow Ends by Cecelia Ahern.
    The author that wrote PS, I love you. Which is also a very nice book.

    Heres' the description to the book,
    Rosie and Alex are destined for one another,
    and everyone seems to know it but them.
    Best friends since childhood,
    their relationship gets closer by the day,

    Until Alex gets the news that his family
    is leaving Dublin and moving to Boston:
    At 17, Rosie and Alex have just started to
    see each other in a more romantic light.

    Devastated, the two make plans for
    Rosie to apply to colleges in the U.S.
    She gets into Boston University, Alex gets into Harvard,
    and everything is falling into place,
    when on the eve of her departure,

    Rosie gets news that will change their lives forever:
    She's pregnant by a boy she'd gone out
    with while on the rebound from Alex.
    Her dreams for college, Alex, and a glamorous career dashed,
    Rosie stays in Dublin to become a single mother,
    while Alex pursues a medical career and a new love in Boston.
    But destiny is a funny thing, and in this novel,
    structured as a series of clever e-mails, letters,
    notes, and a trail of missed opportunities,
    Alex and Rosie find out that fate isn't done with them yet.

    This story is depressing, romantic.
    I teared quite alot for this book :(
    Maybe you all could recommend me books too!
    Strictly Romance only :P

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    uh, fat thighs fat face or whatever.
    keep those fxcking comments to yoursef
    because i'm now trying to go on a diet
    and slim down , fuckerrrrrrrrrrr _!_

    i think i'm really blessed to have such
    kind and understanding friends with me.
    even though my attitude stinks like fish.
    sometimes, i even vent my anger on them
    yet they'll still stay by my side,
    cheer me up during my sad times
    and be happy tgt with me when i'm happy :D
    that is the best of friends,
    you could ever find in your whole life.

    and i effin' swear,
    i'll cherish this friendship that i have with you peeps
    and be with you through the thick&thins of your life,
    like how you people are with me through mine.

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    imm a happy girl .

    Jingwen came to find me aft her tuition,
    went to slack with her around the neighbourhood :D
    we just gossiped and couldn't stop gossipin' .
    till 9, we bought fries from Macdonalds.
    saw Gekming, Veronica and one of their friend,
    afterwards i saw him too :DDD
    honestly speaking, my heart hurts everytime I see you
    but i don't mind the pain because its worth to
    see the smile that you have on your face :D

    then we walked to Jingwen's house!
    crap, from tampines walked till loyang rise
    and that naughty girl kept on scaring me :(
    heh,we then slacked at th playground near her house
    along with Shihui, Jonathan and a freaking cat.
    that bloody cat was so scary !
    made me whine like a lil kid, damn the f' kitty.
    and yea, was with them till 7 in the morn'

    & Jingwen ,
    thanks for being there yesterday.
    what you've said last night really makes me think alot :D
    both of us shall be strong girls and live life happily!
    and of course, i love you laaaaa.

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    I love you still

    Today was the last paper of my diagnostic test :D
    Had maths paper today,
    i'm totally prepared to flunk the test because i just suck at math!

    Well, today we had East View Idol.
    quite a number of my friends/classmates participated!
    I especially love Shaun's group, the group that sang "Hotel California".
    I love their guitars :D

    Uh, its home sweet home aft gg to tampines mart :D

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    Happy birthday without :D

    Holy mama!
    I've actually forgotten my blogger login id and password.
    *bangs th wall*
    Maybe, this shows that I probably need to
    forget all about the past and carry on,
    ahhh whatever :\

    Got back my social studies test paper
    and I miraculously passed the test.
    I scored 14/25, I know its bad marks

    Went back home to shower, etc etc.
    Headed to Without's chalet.
    even though there was only 2 girls, I was still having lots of fun!
    we played taidee, mahjong and we could even maple,
    the adults even brought their laptops and mahjong set there.
    Those people never fails to surprise me!
    Ying and I stayed over, played all the way till
    6am then i could finally take some nap :(

    thanks viah for the cab ride :D

    Oh happy one year anniversary to without! :D
    it has been almost half a year since i've joined,
    thanks for all the fun and laughthers, you people gave me!

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