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    I love my boyfriend.

    My boyfriend and I!
    We're as sweet as sugar :)

    Somehow I think, we look rather alike!

    I don't know whats up with that face.
    But gay-boy sighted, Alvin is wearing my bangle O.O

    & this is my first time taking neoprints with a guy!
    (I meant one to one)
    I am so-so conservative :)

    PS: Love Matters, 2-thumbs down.
    THEY CUTTED away my favourite scene!

    Green green..
    Yellow? Blue is this?
    White do you want?
    You don't purplely make me angry,
    or I don't call you black!


    "I love my boyfriend." was Posted On: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 @10:51 PM | 0 lovely comments
    Maths is fun, maths is loved by J.Lee

    Bleah, hectic schedule.
    Studying, studying and more studying.

    FYI, I am having a Maths tuition
    which I think is absolutely good, and worth the money.

    Bleah, Watch me shine, shine through your ass.
    Its payback time.
    (nah, i was just kidding!)

    "Maths is fun, maths is loved by J.Lee" was Posted On: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 @9:41 PM | 0 lovely comments

    I survived through the Adam Khoo's workshop.
    Kinda motivating, oh wait, not quite..
    The last day, the workshop lasted for nearly 15 hours.
    Time-consuming, right?

    During the workshop, I thought about my friends.
    Shuhui, Demas and of course, Lock.
    I missed them so-so much..

    I want to bully Shuhui, I want to tickle her.
    I want to listen to Demas BHB comments about himself,
    I want to smack Demas once more :)
    As for Lock, I miss him too..
    Miss him, walking around with the PSP, snapping pictures.

    School is just so different without you guys :(
    okay, enough.

    On the side note, Sec 5ns!
    Fasten all seatbelts, we're going for a bumpy ride!!!

    "XOXO" was Posted On: Sunday, January 11, 2009 @11:12 AM | 0 lovely comments
    Insensitive pricks.

    I am feeling rather pissed off.

    Who said that if I've a boyfriend, I'd need to stick with him 24/7?
    And not bother about my friends?!?!?!
    Obviously, I may want him to tag along with me at times.
    But, if you guys don't want it, then just tell me lah!
    "Oh ya hor, Alvin go where, you also go where.."
    Does it meant that, if Alvin goes to die(touchwood),
    I'm just going to blindly follow?

    If you guys have difficulties rejecting it,
    then just kindly tell me "Hey, lets make this a girls outing"
    "We're going to shop, etc etc etc"
    That tough?

    And even if I were to go out with YOU and my boyfriend.
    I make it a point that, I talk to both and not neglect anyone..
    Don't you guys think so?

    Pfft, whatever.

    "Insensitive pricks." was Posted On: Thursday, January 8, 2009 @11:35 AM | 0 lovely comments
    2009, a bad start

    I was rather excited/anticipated to go to school.
    Who knows,
    I went there for an hour and got sent back home.
    Reason being: Coloured hair :)
    I shan't argue much, because I dare not say my hair colour is natural.

    I made a new friend(uh, sort of)!
    And my new friend, its name is Dawn.
    My baby's pet cat :)

    Spell boring.

    "2009, a bad start" was Posted On: Monday, January 5, 2009 @11:23 PM | 0 lovely comments
    Brand new start, 2009

    Happy New Year to every single one of you.
    All those who had a bad year 2008, fret not,
    year 2009 will be a better and fruitful start for you.

    Every year, I'll make new year resolutions,
    some that I am unable to fulfill and some, yes.
    This year, I'll do the same thing and I hope that I will be
    able to accomplish them so as not to let-down myself.

    Here are my 3 main objectives.
    1. Work my ass off, study hard for O level's.
    2. Be a better daughter,sister,girlfriend and friend.
    3. Be wise, be sensible, be considerate of others feelings.

    I spent my end of year 2008 with my baby.
    Just the both of us, no others.
    Though we didn't do anything much but just the thought
    of being together every single moment brings a smile on my face.

    And to my beloved baby, we've known each other for nearly 6 years!
    *jumps in delight*
    Isn't it awesome?
    You are like my best friend, my brother, my advisor, my.. everything.
    Damn, I love you so-so much :)

    "Brand new start, 2009" was Posted On: Thursday, January 1, 2009 @7:12 PM | 0 lovely comments

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