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    Ole ole ole!

    I am so so so so happy!
    I found myself a job at Kinokuniya!
    Not exactly, I still need to go through interviews.
    And you will score flying grades for your O's and N's!

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    The World They Live In

    At this moment,
    what I need to do is reflect on the love that’s over.
    And when that period of reflection is over,
    I’ll remain by myself for a while.
    Even if that’s endlessly boring and tiring,it’s necessary
    -The World They Live In -

    Korean drama starring Song Hye Kyo and HyunBin

    I am going to give it a 2-thumbs up.

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    Forget About Me

    Why don't you love me the way I loved you?
    It feels so crazy cause I don't know what I did to you.

    It isn't worth the wait.

    My dad is losing his trust in me,
    I wonder why is that so..
    Will someone be there just to listen to me rant/grumble?
    I promise I won't take up much time..

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    Lips of an angel

    It's really good to hear your voice saying my name,
    it sounds so sweet
    Coming from the lips of an angel,
    hearing those words it makes me weak.


    I met up with Wanyan yesterday.
    It has been quite sometime since I last saw her.
    Yay! We are going out again, some time next week.

    Now, I am getting very anxious/nervous/scared/blah
    about my results that will be released in less than 2 months!

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    Good O' times

    This is how I look like when I was in Primary 6.
    She is one of my good friend during Primary school,
    and we were chasing after Sylvester Sim during countdown!

    My cliques during Primary School,
    Look @ me, so un-unglam.
    But my figure very good during that time want hor!

    This is me when I was in Secondary 1, so slim and cute right :D
    The one beside me is Simin, the blur queen.

    Super act-cute but I like it :)

    Simin looks retarded :D

    Ending of with my 自拍 2 years ago.
    My act-cute habit still hasn't gone away
    But heh, who cares?

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    I can't break it to my heart

    And nothing will come between us,
    I wanna convince myself that we're perfect in every single way.
    As long as I can keep the truth away from my heart,
    cause I can't break it to my heart.

    I still don't have the answers, to why we couldn't work it out.
    I wanna think of something that I did, So I can turn it back around.

    I am reading my previous blog posts,
    Those happy and sad moments, I'll cherish them.

    My dearest, I am just a phone-call away.
    Never ever hesitate to give me a call,
    I will always be available just for you.

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    I love you baby :D

    As you whispered the 3 words into my ear, I love you.

    On the 25th of October, it is my first monthsary with Alvin :D

    This is what he gave me! So sweet right?

    We didn't go anywhere special but it was alright.
    Every where with him is a special place :D
    I love Alvin to the max!

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    K-pop FTW :D

    I am so into K-pop now.
    Those cuties from Korea are just so hard to resist, right?
    Rain released his new album a week ago(I'm not sure, just guessing)
    I must say that his singing has improved!
    Rainism is a must-buy album for all Rain fans :D

    He looks so cool! So hot! So sexy! Okay, at least to me..

    I liked all of them except Rainism.
    Pat boy, pat pat boy :)

    I am getting so excited, I just can't sleep :(

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    You are sent from Heaven

    *3 cheers for Jolene*
    I have finally started learning how to play the keyboard.
    Apparently right now, I am still a newbie :\
    But with the help of my beloved baby, I will be a pro in no time!

    Lastly, I love Alvin!
    PS: I know it is mushy but I can't help it! :O

    "You are sent from Heaven" was Posted On: Thursday, October 23, 2008 @1:55 AM | 0 lovely comments
    BoA - Eat You Up

    BoA - Eat You Up

    This song is in English.
    You are just going to go 'Wow' at this video.
    Her dance moves are incredible and not to mention the hot dancers.
    (The dancer with the cap is hot!)

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    Oh my gawd

    Be cautious of hair bands that are sold in pasar malams or other open markets.
    As they might be made from China since everything there is cheap.

    These hair bands were made from used condoms, threads.

    'People could be infected with AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while waving their hair into plaits or buns,' the paper quoted a local dermatologist who gave only his surname, Dong, as saying. A bag of ten of the recycled bands sells for just 25 s en (three cents), much cheaper than others on the market, accounting for their popularity, the paper said.

    Check your hair bands and make sure you do not put them in your mouth while trying to plait or tie your own hair. :D

    "Oh my gawd" was Posted On: Saturday, October 18, 2008 @9:15 PM | 0 lovely comments

    Rainism - Love Story.
    Damn it, He looks uber cute!
    Part 2 coming out in November
    Press 'Pause' at my player on the right

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    Burn you m.f roach!

    There is a fuckin' cockroach in my room and it is happily flying around.
    Bloody hell, this is what happens when you have no door!
    And worst of all, my room is just directly infront of the kitchen! nabehzz.
    Damn that 老不死! I sprayed almost the whole can of Shieldtox on it
    yet, it still can flap its bloody wings and flyyyyyyy.
    Never ever purchase Shieldtox, Baygon FTW!

    I'll be watching movie with Baby later :D

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    Love, love, love...

    I finally met up with Wanyan after so long! I miss like her crazy :(
    Emily and Gek came to find us too! I miss them like crazy too..
    But well, happy moments don't last long..

    KOHNNY! I am still here for you, bear that in mind okay!

    "Love, love, love..." was Posted On: Monday, October 13, 2008 @11:01 AM | 0 lovely comments
    You are a bitch, get it?

    i'm f* glad..
    i'm so glad that its the holidays now.
    i don't have to see your f* face.
    just f* off from my life la, will ya?
    the sight of you irks me, every time i hear your name, it disgusts me.
    just get.lost,get.lost,get.lost and get.lost la!

    "You are a bitch, get it?" was Posted On: Friday, October 10, 2008 @6:20 PM | 0 lovely comments
    More than words ..

    Promise me, you will wait for me -
    Cause I'll be saving all my love for you.

    I hope Taka is going to call me down for interview. *Prays hard*
    I need money very badly!
    How I wish money will just drop down from the skies!

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    Perfect Strangers..

    My N's are finally over(For me...)
    I went on a job hunt with Wanyan and Simin but we failed to find suitable job.
    Walked around Tampines Mall with them.
    I am missing the good old times..

    Hey you, I really really really really love you.
    You know right? But, I am so afraid that I'll go back to my old ways...
    I do not wanna lose you, you know? :(

    "Perfect Strangers.." was Posted On: Sunday, October 5, 2008 @12:02 AM | 0 lovely comments
    Life is just like a carousel.

    I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine

    Afternoon all pretty people!
    My N level examinations are finally coming to an end.
    and that means, it is time to partaye!
    I screwed up badly for my examinations but I won't just give up.
    I'm going to put in my best effort for the following paper, Geography
    and I know I'm not going to let myself down. YAY! JOLENE ALL THE WAY.

    And to those taking their O's in a week or so, Do your best!
    Give it your best shot and you will not be disappointed with the end results.
    Trust me.

    "Life is just like a carousel." was Posted On: Thursday, October 2, 2008 @12:47 PM | 0 lovely comments

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