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    I am happy.

    I am having the urge to blog again!

    Life has been great for me.
    I finally finally finally managed to get over Alvin, and on this particular date,
    16th of September 2010, I've met someone new.
    That special someone is named Adrian.
    He is 4 years older than me but there were no barriers or whatsoever
    Love triumphs all! :D
    I've never felt so loved and protected in my life before.. I love him a lot.
    I've always been a sensitive, demanding and not understanding girlfriend to my previous
    but this time round, I want to be the best for him!

    then to my friends, I hope they don't think that I've been neglecting them.
    I just don't know how to manage my time well..
    This happens when there are so many different cliques you know :(
    But I miss spending time with The Nehs and I know things will never
    turn out to be the same again because of some matters but it's okay.
    I'll still be there for all of you .
    Sometimes, I can't help but to myself to be the most fortunate girl.
    I have the greatest family, the greatest boyfriend and greatest group of friends.
    Is it because I've always been showing attention and caring for them?

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