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    In year 2012

    It has been almost 2 years since I last touched my blog and let's just say I'll try to make an effort to blog more often since I have ran out of place to voice out my thoughts.

    School has been kinda alright for me except for some on and off moments but it is alright, I always believe that nothing can ever pull me down. I'll just be upset for a moment then I'll be happy again! But to be honest, I feel like I'm a different person whenever I'm in school. It feels like as though I am wearing different masks to school and it kinda wears me out. Maybe it is because every course-mate around me has different mindset that's why I feel so weird being around them or perhaps, even striking a conversation with them but after all, it is difficult to find someone with the same mindset as you right? So why fuss, heh! (Yes, you may call me an oddball. I am totally fine with it)

    Things are also okay between Adrian and I even though we have a lot of quarrels going on every now and then but I would like to think of them as stepping stones to further improve our relationship. We just celebrated my 20th birthday and I was very happy! He brought me to a Turkish restaurant, Sofra, for dinner! The ambiance was alright but we weren't sitting at the right spot which kinda dampened my mood. Oh, did I mention that he bought me a classy bag? I AM IN LOVE WITH IT, I WAS PRACTICALLY SHOWING OFF TO EVERYONE!

    I'll blog more later. Good night darlings!

    XOXO! And yes, that's me!

    And to my beloved old friend, I still want to talk to you and hear news about you. 

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